Monday, April 7, 2008

creating an autorun.inf file

Here is an IM conversation I had with a friend of mine today. I thought it might help others.

Erik says: Hi Joel -- DVD burning question, whenever you have a sec.....
Joel says: sure, I hope I can help
Erik says: ok
Erik says: Here's the deal
Erik says: We have a customer who wants us to burn DVDs for them
Erik says: And they have the DVD we're supposed to burn -- it has all the files, but it will not autoplay
Erik says: you have to double-click the .exe or whatever, and then it plays fine
Erik says: Our contact can't figure out how to make it auto-play
Erik says: Do you have any tips?
Joel says: there needs to be a file in the "root" directory (the first directory on the DVD)
Erik says: Okay
Erik says: so this would have to be done in whatever program created the DVD in the first place
Erik says: created the demo presentation
Joel says: the file needs to be called autorun.inf
Erik says: How does she create that file?
Joel says: you can do it, it is just a text doc with some instructions
Erik says: oh, Can we just create a text doc, name it autorun.inf and call it good?
Joel says: no, it has to point to what will be autorun
Joel says: hold on
Erik says: Oh, ok
Joel says: put this text in the autorun.inf file
ICON=<.gif file you want the autorun icon to look like -- optional>

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